Changing the world by creating amazing websites


Feeding the world one website at a time

Every day around 21000 children die because they were not provided with suitable levels of food, this compared to the fact that in the UK alone 89 million tonnes of food is wasted each year.

It actually costs very little to provide a child with enough food every day for a year which is why at IT Web Xpert we feel we have a responsibility to contribute to making a difference and you can help us do just that as a IT Web Xpert customer.

We WILL change the world, one website at a time!

IT Web Xpert has always been about making a difference, when we create your website, we don’t just make a generic site, we provide the tools needed for your company to find success in your online ventures which has made IT Web Xpert the favourite ‘go to’ place for hundreds of small business owners.

Now its time for IT Web Xpert to make a difference in the world, and the best way we can do that is by doing what we do best, making websites! So for every website that you purchase from us, we make a sizeable donation to ensure that a child is fed for an entire year.

Simply fill in the quick form below and tell us your requirements, an experienced adviser will then provide you with a quote for your website and once you make the purchase, IT Web Xpert takes care of everything else!

Have a chat with our experienced team by filling in the form below or clicking here and you will see why IT Web Xpert is the only company you need for your business with our web design prices starting at just £99.


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